Product Recall - 2008
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Is it my unit?

Only certain models manufactured between June 06 and November 07 are part of the Product Recall program with the first four digits of the serial number starting with 0606 through 0711.

Product Check :

Locate on the back of your unit the silver label. There you will find the model number. The Serial number will also be located on the back of the unit (white label).

Model Number
Serial Number
Base Type
Solid Vented

A chart below indicates the affected models. If your unit has a -1 or a -2 at the end of the model number or you product has a solid base, it is Not part of the recall program.

Serial number



NOTE: The "X" digit used in the serial number are numbers.
Check the silver label on the outside panel of your unit to locate the model number. Check the white label on the outside panel of your unit. it will show the serial number and/or the model number. The unit's serial number appears just under the second bar code.

Base Type – Vented or Solid

In order to determine what type of base your unit has, please follow the procedures outlined below.

  • Turn the power switch to the OFF position and unplug the dispenser before performing this procedure. Dispense hot water until temperature drops to a safe level to avoid the risk of scalding.
  • Remove the water bottle
  • Press/Hold all dispensing buttons until water stops flowing from the spigots
  • Place the unit over the sink and drain both internal reservoirs by removing the spring clamps and caps from both drain outlets located on the bottom of the unit.
  • When the water completely stops flowing, replace the drain caps and spring clamps.
  • Tilt the unit on its side and examine the base.  If the base is solid as shown below, your unit is not part of the recall program. If it is vented, you will need to fill out the online form after your product check for next steps.

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